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Choosing the Best Cloud Service for Your MSP

Your managed service provider (MSP) business needs to evolve to meet constantly changing client demands. One trend in the industry is that clients are more informed and are actively seeking technology that can help them meet their objectives. When outsourcing IT, they look for comprehensive, strategic IT solutions that can keep up with their own demands and goals. One sought after solution is cloud; the modern IT provider simply can’t survive without offering managed cloud services.

Unfortunately, over 87% of MSPs report that they don’t have the resources to deploy their own advanced and secure MSP cloud services solution. Doing so takes massive investments of time, money, and other resources. That said, most MSPs instead choose to work with a cloud vendor that specializes in working with managed IT providers.

Choosing a reliable, experienced, and skilled cloud partner will provide the guidance you need to add this critical solution to your business.

The MSP Cloud Services Your Clients Want

Most clients are no longer interested in an MSP that only works to “keep the lights on”. Organizations are looking for all-inclusive IT solutions that work on a strategic level to help them increase productivity, efficiency, and growth.

This demand also applies to their cloud computing needs. Clients are looking for an MSP cloud services solution that is:

Reliable and Robust
Businesses outsource IT because they don’t have the staff, infrastructure, or extra hardware to maintain their own always-on, always-available IT environment. This is where a cloud provider comes into play to address those internal shortcomings. By partnering with a cloud provider, you can deliver that much-needed 24/7 availability. The best cloud vendors will offer redundant infrastructure resources and network connections that help to eliminate downtime and hits to productivity.

Changing demands and expectations of rapid deployment and response mean that successful MSPs must be nimble — just like their clients. Businesses need to test, develop, iterate, and test again all while moving at the speed of their own demands. MSP cloud services facilitate this by creating an environment outside of their internal network where testing can be conducted.

Easily Scalable
Modern growth goals and the fast pace of business means that organizations have to change their storage requirements and hardware usage on the fly. Cloud virtualization provides the flexibility these users need to scale IT resources on-demand without costly upfront investments in hardware.

Security is a priority in 2022 and beyond thanks to rising cyberthreats. Businesses now realize they need help maintaining employee, data, and customer security. A multi-layered cloud security approach employs the highest standards, top encryption, compliance practices, and ongoing monitoring.

Mobile and Remote
Employees must be able to work from anywhere at any time, and leaders must have access to their business without hindrance. An MSP cloud service provides the most cost-effective means of empowering remote workers. The cloud makes data and software accessible and keeps the entire team productive regardless of the situation.

Cloud services run on a scaling payment model, so a business can select the services they need as they need them. Capital expenses are drastically reduced, and the IT budget can have a direct positive impact on achieving business objectives. This is great for the MSP as well as the end user, as cloud computing helps to minimize supply chain management struggles for individual providers.


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