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Top Mistakes Made with MSP Cloud Migration

Nearly every business sector is opting for cloud technology to store their data, and many are turning to managed service providers for help.

The cloud offers plenty of benefits such as remote access for convenience as well as encryption and two-factor authentication to protect the client’s information. Many companies transition smoothly to the cloud, while others face some problems, but organizations can avoid these problems to make the best use of cloud technology. 

Here’s are a few common cloud migration mistakes to consider, so that you can make sure to avoid them

Choosing the Wrong Service Provider 

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is hiring the wrong service provider to help with cloud migration. Not all of them are trustworthy and qualified for the job, which is why it’s important to look carefully before paying someone for cloud migration.

The provider must know what technology and software are perfect for your organization. However, this knowledge only comes from proper qualifications and experience in the field. Even MSPs with limited cloud experience can provide the best possible outcome by partnering with a specialist firm like Technolify.

Not Planning Ahead 

Hiring the perfect provider for the job is just the first step. Now it’s time to plan ahead. Find out your firm’s needs and requirements, then focus on finding reputable software companies that can offer you help with cybersecurity management. Taking your business through cloud migration is not enough; you need to take care of its security as well. 

A competent service provider can ensure the smooth transition of your company’s data to the cloud. A lot of companies offer free demo of their services as well. Ask the provider if they are willing to offer a few trials, so you can make an informed decision about hiring them. 

Not Migrating All Data 

Another mistake that many users make is not migrating all their most crucial data to the cloud. 

This has become less of a problem lately, as more companies are privy to the power and safety of cloud technology. That said, some outliers still prefer to keep certain “data” on paper only. This step can affect the company’s performance later on and can increase the risk of data theft or loss in the future. 

You can alleviate many concerns about the type of data being stored by separating and collating files before upload. Make sure to ask your MSP cloud service provider for help.


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