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MSPs Need a Reliable, Trustworthy Cloud Provider 

Are you tired of wasting time and your money on risky cloud projects or cloud service providers who can’t live up to the test? As an MSP, you need service you can count on so your clients can always count on you. 

Just as your MSP strives to provide personal, reliable service, you want the same from your CSP. You want fast, dependable cloud services with a mind to the strategic objectives of your MSP, and that’s what Technolify delivers. 

Purpose-Built Cloud for MSPs

No more waiting for support. No more wondering if your cloud provider partner is up to the task. The top-notch service provided by Technolify positions your MSP as a cloud leader who your clients can always turn to for the answers. 

We know how important this is because our service was born from many years of MSP experience. We know your needs and situations, and we work diligently to integrate Technolify expertise and technology into your stack. As your clients’ demand for the benefits of cloud increase, you can easily scale your MSP to deliver. Never again will logistics get in the way of giving your clients the productivity, reliability, scalability, and value they’re looking for!

Our team is familiar with the challenges you face — especially the struggle of launching your own cloud solution. It’s a process that requires specialized expertise, trained engineers, and extensive development and testing. Post launch, you will be responsible for maintaining your cloud solution for the lifetime of its service. This can all be very overwhelming for the average MSP who just wants to provide the best experience to their clients. That’s where we step in.

Technolify’s Cloud Services for MSPs Help You Thrive in a Competitive Market

As your trusted Cloud Service Provider, we will help you provide the exact cloud and ERP technology and support your clients are searching for. Leverage our hardware and experience to maximize your profit margins and secure the MRR that complex project work can lead to. We provide everything you need, tailored to your clients, at far lower costs than big-box cloud providers like AWS or Azure. 

We’ve already done the heavy lifting when it comes to building a robust, reliable cloud system. Your job becomes simple through our partnership — and best of all, we don’t sell directly to your end users. As a channel-only solution, you never have to worry about competing with Technolify for cloud or MSP services.

Cloud Hosted Desktop 

The first step of embracing the cloud is typically migration of operating systems, settings, applications, and files to remote servers. This provides the cloud benefits and functionality your clients are looking for — namely, easy remote access through any Internet-connected computer. Cloud migration has never been so simple for the MSP. 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Give your clients IT infrastructure that provides hardware, storage, servers, data center space, and software without the capital outlay of on-premises hardware. This makes it easier for you to manage their IT environment while saving your client a great deal of money up front. 

Technolify does all the work, and we’re responsible for housing, configuring, operating, securing, and maintaining the equipment. Imagine the amount of stress this takes away from your team and you’ll quickly realize why MSPs turn to our solution!

Cloud Hosted PBX

Traditional phone systems are a thing of the past, and our PBX solutions will improve connectivity and communication in nearly any situation. Cloud-hosted PBX makes remote working even easier than ever before, and solutions are brimming with features that improve your clients’ productivity and potential for collaboration. 

Secure Cloud Backup Solution

No tech stack is complete without a backup and recovery solution in place. Our cloud BDR solutions ensure that your clients are prepared for any eventuality, including cybersecurity threats like ransomware. We offer a variety of backup configurations to suit your individual clients’ needs, and our data centers meet the security standards that most MSPs will face.

Cloud File Storage and Sharing

Any time, anywhere file access is both heavily demanded and highly appreciated by MSP clients in 2022. We make it easy for you to offer secure file storage that facilitates collaboration and easy workflows, enhancing productivity for your customers while keeping your costs low. 


Of course, we’re well aware of the compliance factor that every MSP faces. Regulations are strict and more on certainly on the way. Our data centers and service models keep you compliant with FINRA, HIPAA, PCI and other regulations that ensure safety and security. Your clients can rest easy knowing that their data is secured by Technolify.

Build a Winning Reputation as a Cloud Specialist

Your reputation is everything, so partnering with the right CSP is critical. We know that when you white label cloud services for your MSP, you’re putting your future in our hands. That’s why we’ve built Technolify into a cloud solution that we’re proud of — so you can be proud to deliver it to your own end users. 

Best of all, we’ve built our solution around the needs of every MSP, ensuring that both our pricing and our support beat out large cloud providers like AWS and Azure. Your clients can be demanding of you, and in turn, we’re ready to help you meet those demands. 


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