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How MSPs Make Cloud a Profit Center

Managed service providers (MSPs) simplify business technology for clients all over the world, and cloud services encompass some of the most lucrative opportunities for these service providers. Not all approaches to cloud are created equal, however, and some MSPs have an easier time maintaining profitability than others. Let’s take a look at the nature of cloud reselling and how your IT business can maximize your cloud revenues.

How Do MSPs Support Global Organizations?

Different types of MSPs monetize cloud in different ways. There are three primary ways that MSPs deliver services to help organizations streamline their IT:

  • Pure-Play: Manage IT services that focus primarily on troubleshooting and monitoring the network.
  • Value-Added: Rather than just keeping the network online, these MSPs also offer additional solutions and services to help organizations get the most value out of their technology.
  • Outsourced: Provide a variety of IT services across the spectrum and fill a more strategic role; outsourced MSPs will often have their own hardware to deliver these services.

Any of these models could theoretically offer cloud services, even those who don’t want to invest in their own datacenters and hardware. Channel cloud partners like Technolify make it easy and affordable for any variant of the IT service delivery model.

Since revenues from the managed services market are projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.2% between 2017 and 2022, we can only expect demand for cloud services to increase across the board.

How Can an MSP Differentiate with Cloud?

Because the managed services business is growing, the competition is also getting tougher. MSPs must make time and expend resources to learn about the market and identify new growth opportunities if they want to thrive. It’s no longer a matter of bombarding prospects with marketing — every MSP needs to stand out and demonstrate why they’re the better choice.

There are lots of ways Technolify can help MSPs differentiate through their cloud offerings:

  • ERP Expertise: Stand out to prospects and clients who need help with Sage and other ERP challenges — and there’s no need to expand your own in-house team.
  • Take On All Cloud Projects: Because partnering with Technolify allows you to pass of the risks and workload of your cloud projects, you never have to hesitate to take on a client with specific or challenging cloud requirements.
  • Become a Cloud Expert: Our years of dedicated cloud expertise — and our hardware — goes to work for you. And we will never sell directly to end-user clients.
  • Better Pricing: Because you can save up to 35% on cloud services by switching to Technolify, you can pass some of the savings on to your clients and still make a greater profit. Being able to offer competitive pricing is always a good tactic.

Sometimes finding the right offerings to provide is challenging for an MSP, but in 2022 and beyond,  cloud services are a no-brainer! Alongside cybersecurity, cloud services are the most in-demand MSP offerings in today’s IT space.

Why Should MSPs Offer Cloud Services?

There are quite a few reasons why organizations are turning to cloud offerings in record numbers, including:

  • Cost Savings: Organizations can drastically reduce long-term costs and capital expenditures by leveraging the cloud
  • Flexibility: The world leans on remote workers more than ever before in history. Cloud services give businesses the flexibility they need to keep up with these trends.
  • Business Continuity: Cloud backup and other cybersecurity solutions have become essential parts of a comprehensive security and business continuity strategy.

Research firm Gartner expects the global public cloud services market to grow beyond a record $214.3 billion in 2022. They also state that cloud services alone are projected to be a $317 billion industry by 2022. Any MSP who wants to profit from this growth must add comprehensive cloud services to their offerings.

How Can MSPs Deliver Cloud Services?

Building a cloud business from scratch is a daunting task for most MSPs. That’s where the right cloud partnership can mean all the difference. Technolify can help you seamlessly incorporate cloud services into your portfolio without all the time and money needed to build out cloud services on your own.

A great cloud partner offers support in support, security, response, planning, deployment, and all other aspects of the cloud.  Toward that end, we strive to be your all-in-one cloud services partner. We’re here to help MSPs capitalize on the growing cloud market.

Why Should You Choose Technolify as Your MSP Cloud Service Partner?

Technolify is the cloud partner that was built for MSPs, by MSPs. We know what your clients are looking for and we help you deliver the best possible customer experience.

We also know how important your margins are to sustaining your business and enjoying steady growth. That’s why we’re proud to offer personalized cloud service for prices far lower than the “big boys” can offer. And you never have to worry about competing against us, because we are channel only.

The Bottom Line on MSPs and Cloud Services 

Cloud services help global organizations accelerate their operations, lower their operating costs and drive growth and innovation — just the sort of benefits end users want from MSPs.

A managed services provider is the best way for businesses to leverage cloud services, but those MSPs must ensure their cloud offerings meet or exceed customer expectations. The right cloud services partner is the first step to making that happen.

Don’t wait to start leveraging cloud to its fullest — there could be a lot of potential revenue still on the table. Contact us today!


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